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I won't change my skin, just to fit your mood

Greatest survey I have ever taken

*Okay, first let's get the "basics" out of the way*

Name: Cat

Age: 28

Birthday: Latter part of April

Location: San Diego, CA

*Now on to the "interesting and unique" questions*

A genie offers to grant you ONE wish, what would you wish for?
Only one, hmmm.. For security in life, just enough finances to be able to afford a home to fill up with love, and pay for the needs in life, with some left to be able to live comfortably.

If you could be any animal, which one would you choose and
why? I would likely be a monkey living somewhere exotic and natural to my species. I already love enough to be willing to "pick the bugs" off those I care about. I am wildly playful and love bananas. How heavenly would it be to swing from trees and hang by my tail and not now human pain and suffering.

You can return to ANY time period. Which one do you choose and why?
Hmmm.. this is much more difficult than it should be, I think I would do well to be back in the late 1960's. Not because of the drugs, or sex mania, but more because of the ability as a late teen to early 20's person to be able to allow there mind to go with the flow. People weren't worrying about tomorrow every moment of today, they just wanted to have what they needed to survive, and have friends and fun and live for the moment they were in.

You have to belong to another culture.
Here is easier. I want to be European and take afternoon siestas and be appreciated by my boss/company. I want to live where history abounds and is found at every twist and turn, where there are fields of green beneath my feet and cobblestones outside my door. I want to see red double decker busses and phone booths, and cars barely bigger than roller skates. I want to hop on a train and be in different countries at will, and I want to feel part of something historical. (I really can't top this answer because it is profoundly thoughtful and deeply great)
I will add to it only by saying, I want to belong to a place where home is filled with the smell of colors, of purple grapes, and the sunlight tastes like fresh oranges and the sea mist. I long to be somewhere where I can walk downstairs from my flat and to the local corner market where I can buy all my needs from a nice old woman or man who smiles a geniune ear to ear light up the face kind of smile, where when I walk in they know my name because I shop there all the time, and their customers are all from the neighborhood. I can see a local cafe with tables outside and umbrellas to keep away the afternoon sun from the foreheads of the overly smoking gentlemen in their suits. I want late lunchs and sometimes early dinners. I want sunday morning calms, and the sound of people having fun with conversations out my windows. I want to be able to leave those same windows open to the late night air as I sleep soundly in peace because there is no where else I would rather be and no one else I would rather share my bed with.

If the year consisted of only one season, which would you choose?
Autumn. It has colors. There are crisp winds and warm days. There may be the occasional rain fall, and the occasional beach day. (I agree, words right outta my mouth.. get outta so deep inside my head lovely you) Autumn is the perfect season cause you get some of everything. You never know what the next day of autumn will bring you.

You are kicked out of your country.
Who wants to belong to the USA and their fucked up morality anyways. I can think of several countries I wouldn't want to belong to even more than the U.S, but many many many more that I would.

You can be friends with any fictional character. Who do you choose? Why?
Wow... this question is actually one of the reason I wanted to take this survey, it makes you stop and think.. for a while.
I would have to say, I wouldn't mind calling Kay Scarpetta a friend, because she is strong and wise and sometimes very weak. She is real, and you can feel her emotions drip from the page. If Kay is scared, there is always a very VALID reason. Christopher Snow (from two Dean Koontz books), because he has personality, and is overly loyal to his friends. He isn't afraid to tell his tale, or to let someone know he needs them. He is strong and so deeply wise beyond his years, he has been through things that most of us couldn't imagine and he is never bitter because of it. He always looks at the "day" as if it is a gift and never takes the next one for granted. There are so many others that come to my mind, I can think of a handful of writers that truely put their all into their characters. I think I would also like to be friends with Ford Prefect from The Hitchhikers Guide, because he is fun and restless and can't ever sit still. He always points out the simplicity in the things around him and lives by the motto "Don't Panic" oh.. and he always has a towel.

You get to meet any historical figure. Who do you choose and why?
HOLY CRAP... Ghandi, because he was willing to sacrifice himself over and over. Napolean because even though he was an arrogant asshole with a screwed up self worth, he was who he was, and never let himself doubt it. Thats strength as well as weakness. My grandmother to me is a historical figure, I met her so I can say that I would choose to because I was already blessed with knowing her.. but if I hadn't I would want to, she was willing to do whatever it took to get to be good enough to be with the one she loved, she knew her heart and followed it every step of the way, she loved unconditionally and was always giving herself to others, even on her death bed she was more concerned about the ones around her then herself.

If you could have any magical power, what would you want and why?
Teleportation, everytime. I think it would be fantastic to be able to travel to my safe place no matter how far away from it I was, to be able to go to the ones that need you in the blink of an eye, to see the world and the things in it you crave just by wishing it so.

You have to change your race. Which would you choose and why?
I am already Irish (by blood) but I think I would love to be Irish in culture as well, to speak Irish and with an Irish accent, to be rooted so firmly in your country and what it has been through. To have your culture live inside your blood and actually have it MAKE up who you are through and through.

You can outlaw any one thing of your choosing. What is it and why?
I really should be able to answer this, but.. I think that if I choose one thing in the world to pull out of the world, then it would screw up the balance. If I took away war, then it would alter our love of peace, if I took away stupid people and made everyone smart, then how would we ever go on learning from each other. If I took away pain then we would never truly appreciate happiness and joy. If I outlawed guns or other violent means, then we would just continue to use our fists and they can often be worse, because it would just draw out the pain more, and in the end.. you could still be mortally wounded, or screwed up for life.. possibly worse in the end.

Uh oh, you're stuck in a fairy tale. Which one would you rather be in?
I think the Little Mermaid, you have everything you need in that, true love, family, desire, and even evil. Happiness is within the confines of that story.. of course.. we each could find one in any given story.

If you could learn any language, which would you choose?
I would say Chinese, but... there are so many different dialects that one would never be enough. So.. I guess I would say either Italian.. (italy would be splendid to live in) or Greek (for the same reason as well as I think it is such a intense language).

Ah ha! A fountain of youth! At what age would you rather drink from it?
I wouldn't, I don't fear death, I do however fear being the one left after those I love have died. I wouldn't want to walk the earth years and years after all the people who have influenced me and made my life a better thing to have lived have all passed away. Who would I recount stories with, who would be left to remind me of some stupid childish thing that had happened between us, who would I share inside jokes with. I think it is a very lonely place to be the one left behind.

Plant or animal (not human): which one would you rather be? Why?
Either one and I would be within natures cirlce of life, Plants give life and beauty, they sometimes get eaten by animals or humans and give another form life. Animals are beautiful and exotic and sometimes get eaten by other animals or humans and again.. give life. Animals are purely driven and do what comes naturally, they don't always second guess themselves. Sometimes, knowledge can be a hinderance.

If you could get rid of anything in this world, what would it be? Why?
This goes back to the outlaw question. My answer is still the same, but.. if I could GIVE anything to the world, I would give them the insight into other peoples lives, a "walk a mile in their shoes" kind of thing. I think the #1 most distructive thing about humans is their need to judge others so that they can feel better about themselves, or because they just simply don't understand.

Should everyone be carnivores, omnivores, or herbivores? Why?
I think that we should be who we are, eat what we like, and try everything at least once. If everyone was a carnivore then there would surely be a lack of meat, if everyone was a herbivore, the again, there would at some point be a lack of plants. We need to keep the balance in life.

Would you ever make the world one race if you had the chance?
Its not the making the world one race that seems to be what needs to happen, I think we all are one race already.. the human race, but our want or need or what have you for labels is the problem. Why must we have labels, so that we can seperate ourselves into catagories? What do we gain from that? You aren't like me so we can't play together? My dad can beat up your dad? My skin color is prettier than yours? Where did this need to be better than what we already are come about. I can understand wanting to better yourself, but why is that at the hands of others? I am a human, you are a human, we all bleed, we all cry, we all rejoice, we all want to be happy.. color and race are nothing but terms to seperate us and if I made the world one race in the term this question is proposing then we would still find some other way to one up the ones around us.. we do even within our "races".

Would you ever make the world one religion if you had the chance?
Previous answer applies, only about religion instead. personal choices are personal choices.. they are what make us who and waht we are.

All but ONE modern technology is outlawed. Pick the one that stays. Why?
The mail system, life before the pony express was very cold and distant.

You can have any hair colour. Which one would you choose?
I have had them all at one point and time....

You can have any eye colour. Which one would you choose? Yanno, as much as I am not always found of having dark brown sometimes hazel eyes.. I really like my eyes.. ALOT, and others seem to as well, they are part of me.

What is your dream profession (logical or not)?
Writer and Photographer for National Geographic Magazine.

If you had to live on another planet, which would you choose? If I had too? A shotgun supernova. There isnt a planet that could compete with that. (granted.. I would need a very cool, and heat resistant suit)

What holiday do wish could be celebrated 4 times a year? Why? Fourth of July, its always in the summer and usually has great weather, its not about presents (although it is about the fireworks which do take money) but it seems to always be so happy, the smell of bar-b-que in the air, the sun, the sounds of children laughing as they play in the yards and light snakes on the cement.. the anticipation of the colored explosions that will light up the sky.

Would you prefer to live under the sea or on a cloud? Why?
First.. OMG at the answer Kimberly put here.. body dropper knee bruiser.
Now.. I would want to live in a castle under the sea where I could look out my bubble shaped windows and sit in my bubbled over window seat hanging out in the water, that although I can't feel on my skin, I can feel in my pores and watch schools of fish swimming by. I would like to wake up and look out my pressurized glass ceiling and see a tiny speck of light from where the sun is hitting the water above me. I don't want to live to deep to be able to see the warped reflection of the sky out and above the water, but still deep enough to say I live under the sea (although technically isnt under the sea like the core of the earth.. which is so fuckin hot that I would melt away as my skin burned and that would SO SUCK!) Cloud living would be wonderfully imaginative and highly energizing because I would be able to look down on the birds flying and have a new prespective. I could then look off my puffy perfect cloud bed with the ideal kimberly by my side and see the sun in a whole new way, as well as see shooting stars up closer than anyone else ever has. The light would play around in her hair differently, at different and Im sure more alive ways. I could great the earth with a resounding yell of good morning and be more of a cock than any that can be found near a barn.

What is your dream home? A Victorian in Asbury Park, NJ. Fixing it up room by room, inch by inch, wire by wire. Kimberly's answer stays here Last night while making love, we discussed just this and I think it is a dream both of us will not only hold onto, but strive to achieve.

What is your ideal location?
Anywhere with her, but I think we chose Asbury Park, see above. again.. I concure fully

What month should the year consist entirely of if you have to choose? August/September, the middle of Aug - the middle of Sept... its the best month ever.

Would you rather live outside or be forced to stay inside forever? Outside. Most certainly... You can build a fortress and a home outside but you would have a hard time building the oceans, mountains, pastures and rivers/lakes indoors.

What gender are you? Given the choice, would you change it? Why?
Female, and given the choice at the moment NO, given the choice in certain moments or situations.. briefly.. Yes, but again.. briefly. I love being a female.

What one issue are you the most passionate about?
The safety of the world's children

You can only eat ONE food for the rest of your life. What do you pick?
Cheese sandmiches on my aunt Donna's homemade bread, ok well yeah.. we all know what that diet would do to me.. so I guess I can't really say that, but I don't know what else I would want all the time.

You can only drink ONE liquid for the rest of you life. What do you pick?
Kimberly makes me smile. (that so has nothing to do with the question, but everything to do with her answer) Water (although I very rarely drink enough of it, so based on what I do drink.. chocolate milk.

If you had to see everything in only one colour, which one would you choose?
Ahh, chemically blue. It is the color of her aura, and I see it most of the time anyway. WOW.. again.. the answer stays I would too see it in Chemically blu, because I already do.. it is a peaceful passively beautiful color and in it, you can always see the way to your better self.

What one mythological creature do you wish you could see in real life? A dragon. Im all about having a dragon burn peoples eyebrows off when they piss me off. And cook my steak. And start a fire. Oh, yeah. Dragons rock. THIS WOMAN DOES MORE FOR ME IN HER OWN ANSWERS THAN ANYONE ELSE EVER COULD WITH THE REST OF THEMSELVES COMBINED
I want to see a unicorn, I want to ride a wooly mammoth (yes not mythological, but seeing as how they aren't around and I have never seen one.. they are a myth to me). I would love to ride on Falkor's (The Luckdragon from The Never Ending Story) wings.

If you had to listen to one type of music 24/7, what kind would you choose?
See the problem here is that I don't equate music to the genres or "types" that others do, so my answer won't fit into your mold.. but mine instead.
I would choose to listen to music that is easier on the ears that what I consider rock, more vibrant on the soul than hip hop or rap, and more emotionally fulfilling than your everyday top 40

Would you prefer to be rich in money or rich in love for your lifetime? I would rather be rich in love, because you can always make money, but if I was rich in money, that doesn't mean I could aquire love.
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