Anne (lionore) wrote in quizvey,

A political survey for those 13-18

Which of the following political ideologies best reflects your beliefs?
Conservatism - the wish to preserve existing values or those dissapearing
in current society, the belief that one's values apply to everyone.
Libertarianism - the belief that all people have the right to do
anything as long as they don't violate the rights of others, the belief in
small government and that most programs should be funded by private
Anarchism - the belief in absence of any higher government whatsoever and
having people cooperate with each other.
Democracy - majority chooses the people to be in the government (or
sometimes, the issues). Rights of minority can be compromised if majority
so wishes.
Apolitical - not involving yourself and not caring about politics

Are these your beliefs or borrowed from the people who raised you?
What is your age?

If someone is on an artificial respirator, with no chance of recovery,
should they be taken off if they have verbally expressed a wish to be put
off the artificial life support?

A nation has limited budgets. There's a possibility of a dangerous attack
by another nation, and a certainty of a natural disaster (hurricane,
earthquake, any other of that sort). What should that nation focus on?

Two people get into a conflict. Who is guilty of starting it: the one who
first insulted or the one who threw the first punch?

How much of the media should children be allowed to see and hear?

Is it okay for someone to sue a restaurant because the coffee did not
have labels warning that it was hot?

What is your favorite band? What do they sing about?

How much emotion does the American flag evoke in you?

What is the best way to campaign for office?

What is your favorite color? What does it represent to you?

Which real case did the situation in this survey's first question

Who are the president/vice president of USA?

What was the reason for the Cold War?

What is the Patriot Act?

Which country are most of our troops in?

What was Roe vs Wade?

Who was Lois Gibbs?

How and why did USA enter World War 2?

What political party does the president belong to? What is one of his
most important issues?
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